Signs! Signs!

Yes, VoteRidder election signs have arrived.

Have you encountered one yet? If you take a selfie with a VoteRidder sign and tag me @VoteRidder, you have can have a free, limited time VoteRidder button.

The team was up in the early morning hours putting up many, many signs. We followed the rules so that we didn’t overwhelm our beautiful ward with too many signs.

In the coming weeks, I will be talking and writing more about my #ResidentsFirst vision for Ward 4 and Guelph. While I have a platform (visit it right here), it’s more about how I want to serve you as a councillor over what I want to get done.

There needs to be honesty and integrity, clarity and respect. Transparency and accountability are critical to serving others.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 8th, I will be downtown for the Rise for Real Climate Action — I will sign my support to bring about leadership for climate action.

Check out the event page by clicking here.

I hope to see you there and have a great evening and weekend!


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