Art and Activism Downtown, Driveways

My Wednesday night after work was spent downtown Guelph at 10C, or 10 Carden, at an event put on by GAP about art and activism — including protecting our water resources.

Visit my Environment platform plank.

While I was there I learned more about how to protect our natural resources and show respect to Indigenous Peoples. I also made buttons, one of which are pictured above.

What else was on tonight? The driveway bylaw enforcement community meeting at Victoria Road Centre. My opinion on this is that families should be allowed to expand their driveway so that more vehicles can fit into their driveway without consequences from the city.

Residents should have freedom, and be put first. On Sept. 10, city council will be discussing Guelph’s current Zoning Bylaw related to driveway widths.

If you would like to have your voice heard, you can contact me and I will vouch for what your opinion is.


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